These days it is safe to say that Christmas has never been so big! Shopping trends have varied tremendously throughout the years making this time of year as busy as it ever has been. These trends show no signs of slowing down any time soon, as consumers continue to demand more. The internet is without question the revolution that has caused the widespread availability of products that’s some may have thought impossible years ago. The ability to shop in your own home or on the move is truly ground-breaking to the generations of years gone by.

Like with anything there are drawbacks or pros and cons, however it is impossible to ignore the facts that are pushing consumer activity further into this direction. As businesses large and small, it has become imperative to keep up with industry trends and techniques. By failing to do so, you run the risk of remaining stagnant and stale.

These days people like to browse and engage further with brands and their promotions pushing the relationship of the consumer into a more interactive one. With so many ways to engage these days it is as clear as day to see how businesses not interacting with these platforms are missing out.

Christmas Content Ideas for Your Business [1/3]

1. Branding

With the festive season upon us comes an opportunity to be seasonal and join in with the Christmas spirit, so why not shake up your brand a little to reflect the occasion. A simple placement of a snowman or reindeer perched over your logo, or just a simple colour change over Christmas will suffice to show your embracing upon this time of year. Simple graphics that can bring a little joy to the user whilst say reading your latest blog post will do wonders for your reputation as a brand that cares, and this impression will resonate with your visitors online. In the physical sense, you can spruce up your leaflets or brochures to reflect the season, this is a great opportunity to push promotions and competitions to gain exposure and recognition.

2. Ho Ho Ho on social media

This is no secret, by now people will recognise the obvious in how businesses large and small adjust their social media so it’s geared towards Christmas. All the big brands have been at this for years, Marks and Spencer, Harrods, McDonalds, Tesco... people actually anticipate these adverts and can rely on them to get them in the spirit! Yes, they can be that persuasive!

There is absolutely no reason why all businesses cannot do the same and actively prepare in advance with Christmas-themed content, such as Christmas illustrations for your Instagram page or get a new, temporary festive cover photo designed. You could even muster up a cosy wintry picture of one or a collection of your products and post that content to your followers.

Christmas Content Ideas for Your Business [2/3]

3. Tis the season of giving

Christmas is undoubtedly the opportunity for giving, so what better opportunity to give something back to your faithful customers. Let’s face it, everybody likes presents! So, give your customers a festive pick me up and something to be truly happy about, a free gift, voucher or even a discount on your products or services.

4. Make a Merry Video!

A seasonal video doesn’t have to be on par with the likes of John Lewis, or Harrods which is good news because it won’t be. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t aspire to connect as much as they do with their customers. They merely prove, that when your customers actively look out for and look forward to your adverts, you’re onto a good thing, and over the years they have earned the reputation on how to do it. A Christmas video or animation is a fantastic piece of content to share on your social media channels.

Christmas Content Ideas for Your Business [3/3]

5. An email to say your Season’s greetings

Traditionally cards have been the way to send your seasonal greetings to family and friends and have matured their way into the business and marketing world too. Today a nicely designed Christmas email can do the trick as well. Here the idea is to be courteous, festive and spread good will however, including some news about your business, such as Christmas opening hours if relevant, or how they can claim their Christmas present from you. Depending on your industry there are little gestures that can-do wonders to build relationships and ignite that festive will, with a little recognition along the way. Including things like delivery dates should you be in retail is a very good idea too. However, even Grinch can be forgiven for complaining of receiving an email from your company on Christmas Day, so be sure to prepare and send well in advance of the actual day itself.

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