Elms Creative produces effective animated video productions for businesses in and around Dorset. Our technical abilities and marketing background allow us to visualise your businesses product or service and issue the appropriate animation that delivers results for your business.

You may require an animated video explainer cartoon that discusses and promotes your software or service. Whether you need an animated explainer video cartoon that promotes a software platform, CGI to demonstrate a product or motion graphics to enhance your campaign, we deliver all of these services and much more.

Elms Creative has over a decade’s experience in animation and graphic design, we have produced work in several industries and sectors for businesses in and around Bournemouth, Dorset. There are several examples of our animation services apparent in our portfolio, please see examples of our work in the work page. With decades of experience in animation and graphics, we have many examples of animation on our work page.

What animations can you use?

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2D Animation

2D animation is presented in a two-dimensional space, imagine a piece of paper with images or text. This kind of 2D animation is used to simplify an abstract idea or illustrate humour.

2D animation uses individual layers populated with objects which are defined by outlines and coloured shapes to identify the subject. Illusion techniques are used to create elements of substance such as colour tone alterations or reducing the scale significantly.

3D Animation

3D animation is created in three-dimensional space, this results in adding depth to an animation like actual objects do in real time. 3D animation is commonly used for technical accuracy and creates the sense of realism needed for a more professional meaning. 3D animation tends to use one environment and will utilise the space between objects instead of layers or planes needed to create depth.

3D animation is very useful for businesses who need to plan and predict what a product or project will look like on completion.

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Motion Graphics

Motion graphics, moving typography and animated infographics are used to help bring stationary words and images to life. They have also been a beneficial addition to corporate videos and business campaigns.

Stop Motion Animation

Stop Motion animation is content that’s captured frame by frame. Physical objects and their traits are moved between frames to give the illusion of a flowing video. Stop motion has featured on several levels on television and the big screen, examples being Wallace and Gromit, Fantastic Mr Fox and The Terminator.

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