The Google Search Network, the place where websites, apps and advertisements are on display. Advertising on Google is major business today, it’s the formidable search engine that has taken the market dominance by delivering innovative solutions to increasingly adaptive markets. When someone searches your carefully selected search terms into the search bar, your advert is then live in direct competition in a proximity to those results.

Where can I see My Adverts?

Google search results are the most commonly used today, however there are Search Partners that are aligned with Google to show advertisements as well. This means that your able to have your advertisements appear anywhere in the extensive network. The appeal to be seen on an array of formats like this is what has helped separate Google as the number one place for search and results data.

Google Search Partners

Your advertisement can appear with the search results on hundreds of websites not related to Google. Also, with Google AdWords you can buy clicks through the Search Partners network, this results in your adverts appearing on these pages that are actively part of the network. These pages include Google search sites such as Google Shopping, Maps, Images, and Groups.

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“Advertising on Google is major business today”

Ad extensions

A little trick to help increase your adverts click through rate, is to expand your adverts with additional information. Typical extensions are, location information, call me now options, site links to other areas of the website, prices and more. Ad extensions are known to increase your click through rate allowing customers dynamic methods of getting hold of you. The extensions themselves don’t cost you any more, and you will still only be charged when someone clicks on your ad extension. So, the same rules apply.

Google Search sites

Ads placed online are likely to be seen in and around the organic search results on the Google search engine. This means, features such as Google Play or Google Maps will display your advert and be running alongside this content. Location mapping is important here as you will be able to interact with your target market whilst they visit your town or city.

call-only ads

Call-Only ads are specifically implemented for mobile users of the web, who are potential customers to call your business. When your ad is clicked, the call icon tab will appear hovering over the advertisement. This type of ad provides us a good measure of how successful the ad has been, simply by measuring the call to conversion ratio over time that has come from that ad placement.

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