Remarketing is a powerful online marketing method. The ability to target an audience that has shown an interest in your products and services. Firstly, it is important we find out what remarketing is.


Remarketing in it’s simplest form is having the ability to re-connect with former potential customers who have in some way or another interacted with your website, or mobile app. Your brand awareness is heightened when adverts placed in front of your target market as they surf the web on Google or other known search engines. Remarketing also encourages more conversions by initiating that product reminder in plain view when they search, sparking the want or need they had to start with. Remarketing is crucial in meeting your goals no matter what size or area you wish to improve in, your brand will get the recognition online that will push for further consumer engagement.

Google Ads Remarketing

  • Standard Remarketing: you can target the people who have previously visited your website.
  • Video Remarketing: display your ads to the people who have interacted with you via videos on YouTube, Instagram or the several social networking sites in play.
  • Remarketing lists for search ads: Target previous visitors to your website by consolidating searches to gather key information on what potential customers are after when they type their queries into the Google search engine.
  • Dynamic Remarketing: Increase your conversion results and take your advertising to its Peak, as remarketing can deliver personalised adverts to the person who has visited your website before, and then continued shopping elsewhere. This means your adverts will appear on other partnering websites, meaning further brand awareness, and click through conversions.
  • Customer list remarketing: This allows you to show ads across the array of Google products when the consumer signs in, delivering lists of customer information which match your product when searching online.

As with most elements of marketing it is essential that you target the market you wish to conquer. Re marketing is a large topic which when several methods are correctly implemented, great results can foster based on the initial strategy being set up correctly. There are several ways to target these audiences. Variables include, the amount of time spent on your website, number of pages visited, demographic as well geographic targeting, and many more.

Remarketing [1/1]
“Remarketing has many benefits, that when correctly implemented can bring new custom to your business.”

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