Gmail is one of the most popular email services available on the internet today, it is estimated over 1.5 billion users! To put that into context that’s more users than people in China. With an audience as huge as this we see this as opportunity to be able to advertise across the Gmail interface and be seen by potential custom in your area.

The way Gmail adverts are so effective is that they are an interactive feature which appears at the top of your messaging inbox tab. The evolving feature lets your ad expand into an email sized advert, which can include images, and videos as well as embedded links. This is an opportunity to engage with your potential clientele on a format they regularly use and operates on a pay per click basis. These adverts are a vital way to gain brand awareness, by having your message out there this has been proven to attract more views to your website, therefore resulting in more click throughs for the services or products you offer. Google can leverage custom from a mixture of Google owned services, these services being formidable ones such as YouTube. This allows some crucial advertising to customers found based on their interests and hobbies.

Targeting customers who are already in the market, allows you to assess people who are searching products or services they are debating to purchase, which will be like what your business offers the market. By targeting potential customers like this who are actively in the market to purchase, this allows us to assess the consumer most likely to buy from you when they click on your advert. This targeting can be very specific and broken down into categories and search terminologies.

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