Welcome new clients to your business with genuine, high-resolution photos of your work force, site location, products, satisfied customers and future events.

High-quality photography is essential when attempting to engage with your online audience. Professional photographs go a long way when establishing elements of trust and faith in your brand. Sharing your business information can be beneficial in helping raise awareness to your business. A catalogue of high-resolution images that include any lifestyle photography, event photography and corporate photography helps enforce your digital marketing strategy and engage with people viewing the website. Our larger e-commerce websites rely on producing the highest quality images to sell their products, as it is this one strategy alone that boosts the sales process.

Photographs professionally shot will give you the opportunity to convey high resolution images of your products or services to your users. Research has indicated people are far more likely to recall information that came to them visually, as opposed to relying on their other senses.

Elms Creative has some talented professional photographers who have years of experience in many sectors. Whether its people or products our team can capture your businesses personality, draw emphasis to customer engagement and highlight any product details. We believe that high-resolution photographs are essential to making a long lasting first impression.

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Should you need a library of photos for your business location, office, workforce or show your satisfied customers on your website, Elms Creative’s photography team can help.

Our photography team has a flat rate for full-day or half-day shoots. Our clients get to keep all photos with full usage rights. Our photographers edit all their photos to produce the highest quality possible.

Should you sign up to one of our website management services, our marketing team has direct access to your library of photographs, which will aid your marketing strategy from the offset.

Elms Creative photography services include:

  • Full-day or half-day photo shoots (equipment included)
  • Professional camera and lens
  • Professional lighting
  • Photo editing, / colour correction retouching
  • Complete photo library access
  • Photo meta data
  • Photo library hosting

Commercial Photography

Our photographers specialise in all types of commercial photography. Professional images go a long way in promoting a product or service and can be the final reason for the sale. Our team can help give your business a new identity with an array of imagery for your products or services. Should you need any promotional material for advertising campaigns, or corporate events then look no further.

Wedding Photography

Elms Creative’s professional photographers are experienced in weddings large and small. We take the role of capturing your special day seriously and deliver memorable high-quality photographs that captures the emotions of all in attendance. Our editing tools allow us to tailor the style and tone of your wedding album to meet the requirements of the happy couple.

Portrait Photography

Ideal for business portraits, capturing your team in a less formal setting helps establish a relaxed but professional environment. Our settings work well with photographing couples, or families and works as the ideal ambience for a new-born baby.

Product Photography

Being creative with your products will certainly contribute to an increase in sales. This is the single largest reason for the success of e-commerce sites, the opportunity to display your products in their best light from all angles. We have experienced photographers who work well with our graphic design department who help establish the very best design to show your product in its best light. We’ve worked with lots of e-commerce shopping sites over the years and have learnt the value of product photography.

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