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Web design requires many attributes that contribute to the visual appeal of your website. Website design needs a solid design structure referred to as your sitemap, this ensures users can navigate their way through your website pages with ease. The page layout is an important element not to overlook, as this ensures all the key information you want displayed is presented with clarity, ensuring the page flows and isn’t overcrowded.

These factors prove crucial and are just as important as the final design stage aspects such as colours, fonts, or imagery. At Elms Creative, we’ve many years of experience in establishing proven methods of the web design process that relates the core message of your business to your users.

We begin with conducting research into your target market and discuss with you the main goals for your website, as outlined in the design brief. Then, we introduce a draft copy illustrating the design concept we propose for your website, at this stage we can discuss any amendments and are open to any constructive feedback.

We can then develop your ideas into a fully developed website design, this is shown in our prototyping area, allowing feedback or any alterations to be made ready for the design stage sign-off.

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