With new technologies emerging every day, their availability has never been so widespread over several platforms. It is essential your business is set up to accommodate the array of devices you can be seen on. Ensuring your website is compatible and viewed appropriately on every browser and operating system around.

Ensuring your Website is compatible on all devices

Responsive Websites

Elms Creative builds all their websites so they are responsive. We believe it is a vital element to any successful modern website.

We monitor the display across all the major devices and formats.

  • iPads and iPhones
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Android Tablets and Phones
  • iOS Tablets and Phones

More benefits of responsive design

Large search engine companies like Google have made it clear that websites which are responsive will take precedent over those that aren’t, as the search engines prefer the user to be at a responsive website. This ensures Google makes the very best selection throughout the search process, giving higher ranks to more optimum performing sites.

Responsive Web Design [1/3]

Elms Creative's policy is to produce responsive website design builds that are responsive to all major devices as standard. We find that this is of vital importance, as to have a beautifully designed website on one format will only be flawed when its viewable on another.

Imagine the shock of showing a potential client your website on a desktop, only for them to see the same website on a mobile device and be horrified at the difference in appearance, functionality and user experience. So where ever your website is accessed you can rest assured your interactive website will be optimised to shine on all the available formats and devices.

Responsive Web Design [2/3]

One of the numerous advantages of responsive websites is the simplicity of the information needed, if your selling a service and need only a few pieces of information why complicate matters by adding unnecessary but compulsory fields that are useless data. Enhancing the user experience is of paramount importance to us, for example a responsive image display used appropriately can enhance the user’s perception of your business, topic or discussion. Opportunities to engage with your websites users should be utilised in  the vision of moving your website forward and building a loyal audience.

Large eCommerce websites selling products need responsive capabilities. Their products come in large volumes, categories and need additional features to enhance their description. Tools such as image enlargement, pinch, rotate, zoom with tailored tags describing the content are vital to achieve optimum user results. These features are required to inform the user of the options available, and this clarity of information is essential.

A responsive website will help customers in your market scroll from one area of your website to the next. Navigating through sections with ease will most definitely help increase the number of conversions on your site. Not to mention building hits to your website, helps generate a formidable online presence to be taken seriously.

“we build all of our websites to be responsive on all devices.”

Your first impression in real time can be taken in a matter of seconds, and there should be no exception made online either. It is important to consistently pay attention to any areas that may affect the performance of your website. Any lagging areas such as loading speeds, difficulties with orders, navigational problems, coding issues can leave a negative effect on your potential customers.

These areas may seem small, but can make all the difference between gaining a customer and losing one. A responsive web design helps establish a professional fully functioning experience right from the start.

Elms Creative considers your existing online presence and current position in the market. We highlight flaws, bugs and errors that can create any functionality issues. Any recommendations or advice moving your site forward is issued by our technical and web management team who are experienced in harnessing the true potential that responsive websites bring.

We are very thorough in illustrating the importance of responsive websites. In combination with the numerous other services available this can help build your online presence quickly. By taking advantage of other services such as SEO, AdWords and PPC to name a few, our clients are able to build their business and expand their reach to new audiences.

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Google analytics reporting simplified

A responsive website means that you will benefit from having all the information you need about your customers journey on a single responsive site. Google Analytics allows our clients to observe their customers behaviour and is accessible in one single report. The ease of use for the analytics reporting is relatively straight forward and easy to understand, perfect for anticipating where to improve and focus growth on areas of your business.

Elms Creative has a wide range of experts not just in web and graphic design, but we also boast an array of talent to help push your business forward online. Our team has the success of your online business at heart, which is paramount in helping you reach your own online achievements.

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