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All our websites are built on WordPress and we also offer bespoke designs which means you are free to converse your own ideas in collaboration with ours. We adapt to an array of demands from our clients, and your input proves a valuable tool in our design processes.

Mobile Responsive

We pride ourselves on developing our websites so that they are compatible on all devices, screen sizes and resolutions.


Elms Creative can build online selling platforms for small independent businesses to larger eCommerce online stores.

Updates and collaboration

In the digital world of updates and improvements we can maintain and evolve your website with the times. Our main platform WordPress allows us to remain current and ahead of the game. Your website will be on the verge of cutting-edge innovations with access to thousands of plug ins and virus protection software. We perform regular scans which provide us key information for ways forward for your business.

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Brochure Websites [2/2]

At Elms Creative we like to keep things relatively simple. We are very transparent in our pricing policy for the services we offer. After assessing your needs and information, we will formulate the best possible budget to design and develop your website. We will inform you from the start if there are any likely additional costs that your likely to incur from our experience. You may need Licensing rights to promote certain products or services for example.

Give us a call on 0345 5210024 to discuss your ideas we would love to hear them, we will provide you with the advice and a free no obligation quote.

Due to the variety of options available and the depth of your design brief, we would be delighted to give you an estimate via the telephone to help make things easier, or your more than welcome to arrange to pop into our offices at 78 Castle Lane West where we would be delighted to discuss with you some options for you and your business.

After our initial meetings our web and graphic designers will detail a web design proposal where we mention any costs for our services and any additional products, such as images, licensing rights etc. We issue a time-line of events explaining each stage of the process to our clients that will explain what when and where your project will be.

Several interacting variables will decide the time scale of your website build from start to launch. The complexity of the design brief, and size of the project are just two examples that can affect an assignment ranging from as little as 1 day, to as long as 8 months.”

A project that demands a lot of research , design and adaptation on an SME website will take 1-6 weeks from start to launch.

You will have the full intellectual property and ownership of your website. If requested, we have the ability to safely transfer all website files to folders of your choosing, so rest assured we safeguard those assets for you.

We predominantly use WordPress to build our websites, and self-management in our experience is relatively straight forward. If you would prefer someone to look after the website for you, then Elms Creative offer a variety of packages that will enhance your presence online, we will also take care of all software and security updates.

We have our own dedicated server located in Bournemouth UK. We also have a dedicated backup server abroad to ensure the up-most security of our client’s files. If you have your own server or a shared hosting platform that our web developers can code for use on our WordPress websites, then yes, we are able to take on a website from another server.

If you require your own dedicated server and are at the capacity to take this on, this is also something we can arrange.

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