Take advantage of Application marketing, have your product available at the fingertips of potential customers.

App campaigns can be relatively easy to initialise and set up, allowing us to establish and promote your apps to their target users across the search network, YouTube, Google Play and Display Network.

“Our campaigns are created to optimise your brand awareness and drive new conversions”

The people viewing your adverts will be the people who search for the apps and key terms relating to your app. You can also show people who visit the details page of an app that’s like yours.

Application Marketing [1/2]
Application Marketing [2/2]

Google’s display network

  • Mobile websites of news sites, blogs, and other sites across the internet
  • Gmail
  • Other apps


  • content relating to your product or service on the YouTube platform.
  • Expand awareness of your content with the use of hashtags and keywords
“When your adverts are visible on YouTube, it is here that they have the most potential to be seen. So, be interactive with your target market.”

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