The place where you can advertise in multiple arrays of different sizes and formats with strong text ads, animated imagery and engrossing video ads. By tempting new customers this way with visually stunning ads, new customers will be sure to take note on the Google Display Network. On the Google Display Network, you can display your ads on several sites, blogs, stories, news, groups, forums the list is long and an opportunity to seize areas of your market with pin point accuracy.

Benefits of display advertising:

  • Adverts ranging from text, images and interactive videos.
  • Product placement: Get seen on the relevant partnering websites.
  • Promote your adverts to their target audience.

Responsive Display Ads

These types of ads on the Display Network offers a further reach for customers, thus creating more opportunities for conversions. Responsive display ads offer variety in the size of text, image, or video. Google does this automatically by adjusting their size, and appearance ensuring the original format will fit the available ad space. Google automatically generates your ad as soon as an ad space becomes available. Google assures its quality here by using its resources to optimise the content you supply such as images, video, logos for the best performance, evoking the best possible ad.

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The Google Display Network allows you a variety of ways to target your market. Below are some of the methods used to incorporate this.

Topic Targeting – Here you can target all the websites and web pages about your initial topic. Topic targeting reaches further to larger audiences, allowing advertisers a greater reach to a new untapped market.

Managed Placements – Directly targeting a website where you can select which site or web page you want your adverts to appear.

In-Market Audiences – Potential customers who are already in your in your market for a product or service. Your adverts will be displayed to audiences active online, (search history) tells you that they are in the market for the products or services you have to offer.

Keyword Contextual Targeting –Your ads will be matched to a page showing similar content, by implementing your keywords you will be directed here with a like-minded market.

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