As your probably aware SEO comes in two types:-

  • "Organic (unpaid) These that occur naturally without contributing to a third party, random Google searches or word of mouth contribute as good examples of organic SEO"
  • "Paid SEO- search engine optimisation efforts. An example of a paid method can be an online ad such as Google Advertising. This article will attempt to highlight how to boost and improve your unpaid SEO efforts. Examples of obtaining organic search results can be found in previous blog posts, however a few examples are worth a mention. Updating your Blog regularly will certainly keep your web site fresh and updated, as well as educate, inform and relate to your visitors and potential customers. It is important that your web site features some of the natural organic SEO elements as this will give your website the best chance to reach potential customers."
Enhancing Your Organic SEO Efforts [1/3]

Organic SEO are the elements which you do not have to use a third-party for, and any hits that come your way without advertising or any marketing push are considered natural and free! The good news is that there are several things you can do to help push your web site on the Google search rankings.

As mentioned earlier regular blog entries are effective examples of organic SEO, the creation of a web page will make Google automatically scan its presence for key words and indicators that push its relevance towards the top of the listings pages. To meet Google's criteria which is currently set at around three hundred words, inputting several key words to optimise your chances will organically increase your websites likelihood of reaching new people. It is important to mention Keywords in this section, as most articles will certainly benefit from using them.

By adding relevant keywords to the alt text fields of images as well as having correct meta descriptions are further examples of organic SEO practices. Although very beneficial to a company this can also be well known to be time consuming, and repetitive to handle on a regular basis. Its is common practice for large companies to outsource their SEO to a third party who can manage their Blog and update their web site to ensure they gain the best possible recognition and make full use of their continuing posts.

Enhancing Your Organic SEO Efforts [2/3]

To ensure that your organic SEO efforts work to the best of their ability, the trick is consistency and quality for your users to read. Your blog for example should be updated at least once a week preferably twice to three times a week with high quality, optimised content. Each of your webpages should have meta descriptions which needs to be suitable for both desktop and optimised for mobile devices. Consistency with your keywords within the URL not to mention he actual content of the page itself. Compressing all your images will work wonders for your page loading speed which is also a crucial fundamental that you can control. Having a nicely designed web site is no longer enough, "without the fuel the Lamborghini won't run very far, or stand its purpose at all" ensuring all components are finely tuned for your web site for mobile devices, page loading speed, ranking etc. you will stand a much higher chance of reaching new potential clicks and clients!

Enhancing Your Organic SEO Efforts [3/3]

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