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We've got some great tips if you use Google AdWords...

Google remains the giant of the media search engine of modern times, some of the tips and tricks in the following article will be new, and some will be older. However, as is the case with changing algorithms what was old is now new again! Before jumping straight into AdWords, it is important to illustrate some factors that influence and contribute towards the campaign. There for the most important factor of your project is the best possible outcome. “Not just a goal but the best-case scenario.”

Google AdWords Tips and Tricks for 2019! [1/6]

Failure to know your “end goal” will potentially waste a lot of time and money creating adverts which results in a poor and disappointing outcome. The very concept of wanting AdWords should be to maximise your exposure and gain the best possible results.

The following Bullet points are some common goals for business owners using AdWords

  • Phone calls to your business
  • Sign ups through a landing page
  • Sales – the end result
  • More enquiries

The target market cannot be overlooked. AdWords will work for most businesses, however some products/services that remain very fresh and within a niche market may struggle to promote their services/product through AdWords.

For the best results in an AdWords campaign, having a specific target market that are looking for specific keywords in a general area.

So, if you run businesses like a general tool shop, a printer shop, locksmith, barber shop, or a financing firm, Google AdWords will certainly expand your online presence and establish a successful campaign.

Google AdWords Tips and Tricks for 2019! [2/6]

Keyword Research, this remains a corner stone to a successful AdWords campaign.

To coin a phrase -

“You don’t know where you’re going, until you where you’ve been”

You need to know what keywords potential customers are searching for online in order to find you.

Also keep in mind your competitors. Take note of where and when they pop up in online searches. Investigate their running adverts, their design, their headlines and presentation. Research also includes your current customers and online audience.

Don’t be afraid to interact with your customers to see what they love about your service or what they think can be improved. This may also lead to testimonials and sparkling reviews! Compare by searching online reviews and see what they think about your competition too. By taking simple notes can really prove beneficial later in your AdWords campaigns that can also save some time too!

Companies wanting to improve their Google AdWords campaign or wanting to launch their first AdWords campaign can at first seem daunting, however this is still a challenge!

Google AdWords Tips and Tricks for 2019! [3/6]

This article will demonstrate some ideas that clients may find beneficial in improving their campaigns even it this means tweaking some areas just a little. It is fair to say that obeying certain laws based around your business will help to maximise your exposure. Example being, maintaining your search algorithm in terms of what you are doing with SEO, and paid adverts that have been running incrementally as budgets may increase from project to project.

Google has recently invested a lot into artificial intelligence, they have recently bought several start - up companies, specifically AI and Data start-ups. Data companies are the likely key to success for future markets, the idea for modern survival by taking the data you have and using some API to merge and blend with the other tools and software, this way you will be able to leverage the data to make more powerful business decisions.

Google AdWords Tips and Tricks for 2019! [4/6]

YouTube: still the second largest search engine in the world today! Specifically, around YouTube advertising;

Custom Intent Audiences: If you are searching for a specific item: a “blue and black coffee mug” in Google, the list will appear through paid ads running via paid accounts and organic listings based on the quality of the SEO. By having a YouTube video, you will be able to show your audience specifically your Blue and Black coffee Mug, as you will be able to reach your target market in another way by further engaging and building confidence. A very powerful tool indeed!

You can go to Google and type in a search …. Blue and black coffee mug

Later you go to YouTube in your spare time scanning the channel and you’ll see adverts running based on your search you used earlier. Resulting in a likely action from the client to follow through their initial request.

Custom Affinity Audiences

Who is in the market? and who is looking to buy right now?

This information is now visible based on the actions the potential client has taken, a typical pattern may start with their Gmail account where they search for 3D printing, then go to YouTube to search for the same content, maybe walk into some design shops to get a feel for the end goal due to some Google App installed on their phone.

The point being that with all these data points that are traceable say the top 5 – 10 percent of these people are looking to act, by having these data points you can leverage that, therefore you’re more likely to make better decisions for your business.

Google AdWords Tips and Tricks for 2019! [5/6]

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

This is not something new however there is not a lot of companies who actively perform remarketing lists for search ads.

If somebody visits your website, say out of 1000 visits to your website a month it would make sense to target those people who are visiting your web site by typing in a key word. For example, a keyword like “marketing agency” is actually a very expensive keyword in the range of £20 - £30 per click. You only want to target people who have visited your website for over 5 minutes and then are looking on Google for “marketing agency”. This results in a much more powerful lead for your business.

By developing this idea, you can be much more specific in your search results when analysing your key data received from the hits to your web page. Such as “location specific”, people who visited your website for an extended period, who also searched for the keyword “marketing agency”. This way you’re not spending that much money, and the people who click are a lot more qualified because they know who you are. Because they have spent more time on your website, specifically - the target page that dropped them to your website in the first place.

Google AdWords Tips and Tricks for 2019! [6/6]

Site links

If you are buying ads then you want to expand your presence, even by being number 1 or number 2 organically then it is likely that you will want to have the paid result as well. Not only this but you will want to obtain testimonials, services and case studies referencing your work that will convince the user to use your services or find out more.

Final Tip

By linking your Google ads account and hooking into your YouTube channel and your Google analytics profile allow for much better analysis of your data. More and more companies are becoming data savvy and leveraging the data you receive to your advantage to make better business decisions in the future. Not everyone performs these tips and tricks consistently so performing these rituals will give you some leverage on your competition.

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