As Its Valentine's Day have you thought about giving your Website some TLC?

Valentines Day [1/6]

Writing Quality and Informative Content to help boost your SEO campaign

Creating the ideal website that's visually appealing with expert copy writing, fluent coding and an overall user-friendly experience maybe the goal to strive towards. What's imperative to never overlook will be the quality and consistency of your writing. This article will analyse exactly how descriptive text can work online for your business to be fully successful from its SEO (Search engine optimisation) campaign. All together a web site with an impressive visual presence, fast loading speed, flashy images that's updated regularly will increase the chances of a user-friendly experience to remember that is more likely to return.

Its that time of year when we show our gratitude to our loved ones, the ones we hold nearest and dearest to our hearts. However, this may also be an ideal time to reflect on the other passions or joys in your life too.

Our Businesses may well give us stress at times, with taxes to pay, people to nurture invoices to fill but we need to remind ourselves of our vision. The thrill of working for yourself? the excitement in strengthening your brand? Obtaining more sales? Refining and perfecting your new product? No matter what the reason it is important to assess the one thing that introduces all of this to the world.... your web site!

Valentines Day [2/6]

If you've noticed recent slumps in hits or general traffic organically to your much beloved web site, then maybe it's time to attend key areas that could make all the difference!

Treat your web site to an increase in traffic which will result in an increase in sales!

Google AdWords

Valentines Day [3/6]

If your unfamiliar with Google AdWords ask yourself why? The ability to boost your web page based on the key words that people type in the search engine is an essential tool for the market today. With competition at an all time high in the race for Google's pole position, it's not hard to see what all the fuss is about. Identify the key words that link people to your page, look for the most searched terms for the services or the products you produce. If you need help with identifying these, contact us for some support in evaluating your key words. Have a look at our older posts that look in depth into the features of this marketing tool.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Valentines Day [4/6]

As described in previous articles, there are many methods you can use SEO. Namely the organic efforts can be helped with the assistance of blogging based on key word indicators. Web design agencies can handle your SEO by updating the web site with the necessary information to keep the ranking at its optimum levels. Maintaining a blog and writing informative posts can help keep your web page fresh and up to date with useful information your subscribers or new customers will value. As well as show up in Google's daily scan that's performed with any new posts.

Mobile Optimization

Valentines Day [5/6]

Have you ever tried looking your business up with your mobile phone? If the answer is yes, then you are probably aware of the importance of optimization for mobile phone use. With most of the world using the internet on these devices its easy to see how important your web site functions to the mobile user. If your web site isn't optimised for mobile use it is about time you addressed this issue or the number of visits and more importantly lead generated sales will suffer. Try it? Find a business that isn't optimised for mobile usage and assess for yourself if you would persevere with the functionality problems that it presents?

Your Page Load Speed

Valentines Day [6/6]

Google amongst other search engines and likely to soon be all search engines, account the page load speed in their website ranking algorithm.

With technology on smart phones providing faster and faster loading speeds, it is crucial that your web site keeps up with the pace. Likely customers are easily influenced by loading speeds particularly with busier and busier life styles if your web site is lagging this can be a direct indicator of hindered sales. Users may leave your site if they wait even just an extra few seconds for each page to load. This ultimately will affect the average user time on your web site, increase your bounce rate as well as reducing the number of pages viewed. An obvious selection of reasons that will further hamper your SEO ranking.

The old saying "Patience is a virtue" doesn't apply to online!

Why make visitors download the same things every time they load a page?

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