I know what you're thinking, I have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and now Snap Chat? Surely this social media mix is enough without introducing another. However, more and more businesses are integrating their marketing portfolio with Snap Chat as they recognise the trends and importance of visibility online.

Ways To Use Snapchat For Business [1/3]

You maybe Interested in ways to use Snapchat to strengthen your brand, as this community offers another opportunity to engage and display your message through creative innovative marketing campaigns.

So Why use Snapchat?

Ways To Use Snapchat For Business [2/3]

When glancing at the figures and realising that over 100 million people use this application daily, and a whopping 400 million snaps are taken per day! It is safe to say that Snapchat is one of the fastest-growing social networks.

Well-known Brands and creative content writers use Snapchat to produce daily stories that will engage and entice the audience for more.

Snapchat stories, which unlike other social media sites where posts will last only 24 hours. This is commonly used as an array of snaps used to create a short video/story. With figures reaching over a billion views of snap chat each day and growing!

Creativity is paramount when using some of the features, usual tools includes filters, description text, embossed text, emojis, and a selection of music.

Go Live!

Ways To Use Snapchat For Business [3/3]

Rival social media platforms have started to recognise the Live feature however this is Snapchats main selling point. Snapchat is perfect for real-time social media marketing.

People who wish to promote and engage in their live events can do so with new product launches, one off events such as Valentines day offerings or your businesses anniversary Snapchat entices audiences to see behind the scene offerings or live event information that can benefit them.

Private Content

Using Snapchat to promote special or exclusive content, such as winners of a competition or tickets to a raffle. This can entice people to follow your business for more offerings and exclusivity, a genuine feel for the running of your business with community involvement. Everyone loves social media give-aways and promotions, so thinking of ways to keep your followers coming back for more can be a challenge. Promotions needs lots of attention and an array of publicity so promotional codes to the people who watch your Snapchat story is one example that can gain a following.

Snapchat allows you to share behind-the-scenes content to your followers, which can really help create a strong following. This Is a great opportunity to show off your business and help boost morale by celebrating birthdays, relationship news or the odd company outing and make sure to have fun with it.


Snapchat's figures speak for themselves. With so many people using the story features it illustrates a face paced informative audience which businesses have started to look at and make this an opportunity to add to their marketing portfolio. Are you already active on Snapchat? Is this social or for your business or both? Please let us know your thoughts.

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