Video has risen in popularity tenfold in recent years, available in multiple formats to people worldwide. Originally video was limited to a few major networks, however now it is in abundance everywhere you look, from television, to the mass reaches of social media, phone messaging, online banners and advertisements and billboards the array of choice is overwhelming.

The creation of video has never been so easy, and with today’s generation adapting this technology with ease, the amount of people with access to filming and editing software is a growing trend that shows no signs of slowing down.

YouTube is the second most popular social network, sharing video creation online through this network is easy and accessible to millions of users every day. Snapchat, Vine and Periscope are also making headway into giants of video sharing. The major social media networks– Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and LinkedIn have made uploading video content so easy to do, and sharing videos attracts people in the millions to the mobile app or website.

For just these reasons alone, video creation has never been so important to companies large and small. Today we see more and more businesses adopting this attitude by creating digital content to launch marketing campaigns that prove a success in a relatively short period of time. It’s clear to see where the trends are going, and we can see how brands have determined that the future of business is embedded with visual content marketing.

Due to video being everywhere these days, advertisers are seeking the answer to the question - video or text? which is better? Video hasn’t just competed with text for advertising priorities but has also challenged other mediums of marketing such as still images, podcasts and infographics. It is unlikely that video will replace these mediums however it is safe to say that it certainly will continue to grow.

Why Video Footage is important for your website [1/5]

1. Video is great communication

A written message can be construed in several ways, and often taken the wrong way due to the lack of visual aids that helps convey the message. For example, our body language and verbal tone play a very important part in conveying a message. Text content is reliant on precise word choice, relatively concise punctuation and visual features like emoticons to help establish the correct tone. On the contrary, video viewers can identify straight away what message the speaker is attempting to portray by referring to body language, verbal tone and other visual aids.

Videos can extend beyond verbal and non-verbal communication by including visual aids like images and footage, which in turn helps develop the right ambience your trying to portray.

2. Video engages with your audience

With today’s stunning visual capabilities using state of the art video features, as well as seeing content in high definition with superb sound clarity pushes the boundaries of what video can do for you and your business. By far the most popular tool of engagement, you have your viewers’ attention spans, and your message can be conveyed with valuable insightful content. Instead of limiting your marketing to text and images, businesses are realising that video creation has become the go- to- choice to attract new customers.

Videos with engaging content are far more likely to be acted upon by consumers as opposed to traditional marketing mediums such as text and image displays. Videos that can entice audiences in with content that is engaging and helpful and can close their clients with successful call to action methods are far more likely to have success over more traditional practices.

3. Video comprises all other mediums

Video production can include all visual and auditory content. Videos can entail a podcast and include information all in one including images, infographics, and text content. This medium is by far the most dynamic and versatile amongst other channels of marketing.

It is clear to see that viewers can better understand a video message and will give it the time as opposed to an online banner of text advertisement. This results in a higher number of people who will interact and share their experience with their friends and peers.

Why Video Footage is important for your website [2/5]

4. Video encourages shares online

Today Internet users are naturally more inclined to share videos. It is so effortless to share your experience from an ad, or a funny video with your friends who may benefit from the content your supplying them. Social videos are known to be quick, to the point and relatable— which are the main features of a video being share worthy.

There is a high chance that most people you know have access to a popular social networking sites, YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to name a few. Videos are proven for an ideal way for people to show the world what they have, by expressing themselves in this way helps people encourage this making them share worthy to friends and family as well as co-workers.

5. Video helps the economy

The development of video has expanded the reach for many people looking for products or services, find work, start new businesses and contribute to the overall economy.

Video-based social platforms like YouTube, Snapchat, DailyMotion, and Periscope, have introduced countless jobs worldwide. Peoples input to these mediums has seen tremendous opportunities for individuals to engage with their market and strengthen their business and the economy.

6. Video is quick and rich in content

Speed is paramount today; people’s lives are so busy with information coming to them in a multitude of ways that it is vital to try and portray your message as quick and as concise as possible. Video is very reliable for delivering here, as we all know that reading takes a lot longer than viewing a screen. Visual content in combination with audio makes information delivery several times faster.

7. Video entices a call to action

Video remains the leader for delivering information on the vast array of platforms available today. This is due to implementing more authentic interaction you’re your viewers who are more open to what message is being conveyed. Most professional videos feature a call-to-action, the combination of a successful video and the correct use of call to action buttons encourages the user engagement to completion.

Why Video Footage is important for your website [3/5]

8. Video Production has never been so easy

Technology has developed in leaps and bounds in the last decade, allowing the ease of use to a multitude of platforms straight forward and consistent. Just one of the reasons it has become a go- to-choice for people across the globe, is the fact that it is much easier to record on your smart phone device, as opposed to writing a lengthy advertisement or article. Today the average person’s capabilities can film, edit, publish and even market their own video for free.

Traditionally, video creation was reliant on certain elements of planning and scheduling to become a success, however several users on sites like YouTube or Facebook have gained millions of subscribers just by producing unscripted vlogs of their lives.

9. Video provides the best search engine results

Due to the simple fact that there are a lot less videos online in comparison to text, means the chance of reaching audiences who search a keyword are much higher. Videos can be as high as 50 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google than results of text alone. Videos aren’t as competitive due to the material being more dense and harder to find.

A simple ratio to explain this further, is by taking one video, may take up to 5 or 10 pages to attain the same message your trying to convey. As well as articles and content you may share for your website, it is important to note that video still needs to be pushed online. Effective SEO strategies still apply to video content and must be implemented to achieve the very best results.

Why Video Footage is important for your website [4/5]

10. Video grasps the widest market

We see more and more people consuming online videos, making more businesses and individuals have the chance to really communicate with their audiences.

Video use today has shown to be by far the best way to access consumers. Video currently accounts for nearly half of all mobile traffic – which is larger than any other medium of communication. So maximising exposure for your business or a personal project has never been so easy to do, to so many people.

11. Video enhances social communication

Video has made way for the most vibrant and most used way to communicate since the text message. Traditional methods of hearing someone’s voice over the phone, or reading their text message is nowhere near as engaging and compelling as video calls to one another. The technology available today has allowed for easy communication methods from relatives, friends, acquaintances or businesses from one side of the globe to another, at little to no cost to the user.

Today FaceTime, Skype amongst others make it possible for friends and family to share their everyday experiences with one another, which in turn makes it a valuable everyday tool to share information with the ones they love.

Why Video Footage is important for your website [5/5]


There is no doubt that video is the medium of the future and shows no signs of slowing down. It is true to say that mediums like articles and podcasts also have an important part in the future of business and the internet, video however shows the largest signs of growth and probability for future markets to take advantage of.

The importance of online video marketing in a business’s strategy is paramount, and the extent of video’s social power is overwhelming. Like most technologies, video is likely to develop into areas currently unimaginable, we see 3D technology becoming more evident in the future of video and is likely to expand the popularity of video even more so in the future. If your business isn’t accustomed to video, our advice is that it should be.

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