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We provide custom solutions for every one of our clients offering mobile apps that perform on IOS & Android platforms. Elms Creative are well equipped to facilitate your needs as we are experienced in dealing with all sorts of business structures. Our team boasts experienced developers that are ahead of the game when it comes to designing apps that are fully functioning, and user friendly.

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Mobile applications feature the “push notifications” that data has told us have a much higher rate of being read, as opposed to the more traditional method of receiving emails. A large percentage of notifications are not just read, but they are commonly carried out instantly or within the first few minutes of receiving the notification on your device. Emails have a lot of competition in the aim to grasp your attention, junk mail, spam and other hindrances combine to make the success rate of emails relatively low.

Here is one solid reason why businesses are adopting the mobile app, these can be designed to push your company into new directions. Elms Creative exhibit an array of graphic designers who have built a solid reputation for building apps for businesses, large and small.

At Elms Creative were serious about our moto: “Turning your dreams to reality” Our vibrant team works relentlessly to make your business more user friendly to your customers and potential markets. If your looking to give your customers premium interaction to your business, or you quite simply have a great idea for an app, let us know! We would love to hear about it.

Elms Creative have produced tremendous results with their mobile applications for businesses. Were passionate about our creations and relish in working with clients who share our passion for perfection.

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"If you’re looking to give your customers premium interaction with your business, then a mobile app is your essential business aid”

Mobile App Benefits

  • Builds a new Client Base
  • Increases Visibility and more importantly Accessibility
  • Direct Marketing Channel for your business
  • Re - establishes your brands identity
  • Online Sales increase
  • Gain Maximum Exposure Across Multiple Devices

We build Mobile Applications that fits the needs of any business, from bespoke app designs, to promotions, customer service facilities, vehicle location tracking, in-app support, software and much more.

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