After our initial meeting discussing the brief and outline for your project, our graphic designers propose ideas featuring designs and screen examples for your mobile application. After initial designs and proposals are confirmed, the client will then sign off. When our Apps are approved our team get to work, building the mechanics and infrastructure of your app.

Elms Creative caters for Android and iOS. We use a variety of cutting-edge technologies including, Android Studio & React for Native applications, Xcode, and Ionic.

When your app is built, the next stage of the process is ready to begin. We test our process at each stage of the development to make sure we are the right track. We produce a demo available to the client for feedback purposes only. Any alterations, amendments, coding issues, presentation squabbles are exercised out at this point. On completion of building your app, we send off for publication on the Apple stores and Google Play stores. This stage can vary from a few days to a few weeks, as this is no longer in our control at this stage.

Last but not least, the hosting and maintenance of your app starts, this will also be the creation of any new campaigns that will feature your new apps capabilities. Due to an apps on going need for development, updates and maintenance will be consistent to keep pace with your app and any changes made to it. Software updates, and any new versions coming out are all catered for. Our Hosting services prove reliable, fast and top of the rate for security. Please check our Hosting services to find out more.

“In the third quarter of 2018, the total number of mobile applications in the App Store and Google Play reached 4.1 billion. The competition is immense, but the market shows no sign of slowing down.”
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