A social media influencer can be described as a person who influences consumer behaviour by endorsing a brand and building a connection with it. Today’s era more so than ever, sees celebrities offer tremendous opportunities for brands to push their products to help promote their appeal. This method isn’t new and has been a successful route for brands to pursue since 2015.

Without even realising, people have become more attached to their devices, engaging with all the functionalities they provide. As we spend more and more time engaging with social media platforms, the more we build a sense of trust and respect to these influencers. As we follow their activities and hobbies, we also follow the products they endorse. The stronger the bond with a multi media influencer, the stronger the element of trust.

“Social media continues to be the solution to gain brand awareness”
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Influencer Advertising [2/2]

The very best social influencers aren’t cheap. The level of popularity will ultimately affect the charges incurred to have an influencer on board. However, this element is relatively new to the market and is in its infancy. Certain rules and regulations are yet be established.

Some followers are not active, and some are produced based on a feature enabling you to acquire followers based on your input into an app or game. It is important to note that not all followers will provide your business or are even interested in business. Influencers aren’t all genuine, there is a scarce way of measuring your ROI it is not easy to indicate where your conversions come from, this means you might continue to advertise with influencers who actually don’t impact your business at all.

However, when the chemistry is right where the influencer and the brand have that special bond, it’s a sure way to boost your brands awareness. Check out some of our websites in our portfolio, I’m sure you may recognise a few well-known influencers!

Elms Creative only deal with influencers who are tested through different tools and techniques which we have developed over the years. We provide assurance that any recommendations are sure to fit with your brands ideology and suitability. For more information please feel free to drop us an email or give us a call.

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