Social Media has become a huge trend in recent years, this has changed the dynamics of socialising and the ways that companies large and small do business. Products and services are advertised like never before, and social networking sites are now one of the most effective ways to communicate and connect with your market.

Businesses who don’t currently advertise on these platforms are seriously missing out. The benefits for your business to reach out and engage with your target audience are immense and should be a consideration when moving your business forward. It would be educational for you to discuss the features and benefits with our team into what a social media presence can do for your business.

“Businesses who don’t advertise on these platforms are seriously missing out.”

After our initial conversation, we would discuss with you in a proper consultation the main objectives and plans to move your business forward and into the realms of social media. We discuss your current position in the market, analyse the industry you are in, run through budgets and future investment opportunities By doing this, we gain a solid idea of your business model, and are able to highlight where you currently are in the market as opposed to your competitors. We combine this information with our recommendations, which tells us the platform best suited to your brand.

Today Facebook has earnt the reputation as the social media giant for all-round advertising, that’s dynamic in targeting a whole range of generations. Those businesses with larger budgets tend to opt for LinkedIn as the more appropriate platform to engage with fellow business owners and potential customers. Here the target audience is largely commercial, operating on a professional platform that hosts millions of professions found in their industry, highlighting relevant sectors and a higher ROI (Return on investment). Twitter is known as a faster flowing social media network site, which typically attracts younger audiences.

Here we would recommend a vibrant and youthful brand, as they would stand to benefit more from this platform when in comparison to LinkedIn, as this is known as a more sophisticated, adult-based and professional social networking site.

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Social media sites hold tremendous amounts of data, which makes advertising for conversion tracking and demographic targeting very useful tools for highlighting key markets and consumers.

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Elms Creative are constantly evolving with the times and seeking new opportunities to assist businesses in achieving their goals and targets. We do this by being dynamic and versatile with the times, allowing new innovations to align with our client’s business ethos, and take advantage of the features on offer. Companies objectives when engaging with social media platforms like Facebook should be:

  • Increase your social presence
  • Improve brand awareness
  • build traffic to your website
  • new sign ups
  • increase sales

Facebook remains the formidable giant of the social media platforms, although taking a dip in recent times with the emergence of the data hacking scandal, people from all areas of life use this social media site. Businesses wanting to reach a large array of people should look at Facebook as their first point of call, due to its simplicity it’s also ideal for beginners to advertising and online marketing.

Adverts are compatible with any device regardless of connection, they feature in the news feed on desktop and mobile devices. Adverts also scroll through banners on desktops, making your placement as visible as possible. Reaching audiences in a variety of ways helps establish your brand awareness and will gain a loyal audience if implemented correctly. Monitoring your results as you go has never been so accessible, Facebook reporting tools are a great feature to point you in the direction for growth and productivity.

Elms Creative are highly experienced with Facebook, we can get your Business online very quickly, which will help boost your online presence and brand awareness.

If you feel that you could benefit from advertising on Facebook, give our social media team a call today 0345 521 0024


Instagram has grown into a social media whale, boasting a whopping 750 million monthly users, over half of these users are under the age of 30. Its attraction, initially to the younger generations is instantly recognisable. The catchy beautiful images, interactive video to go with opportunities to follow your favourite stars, all flow effortlessly on the platform. People from all over the world, can share and engage in their lives, as well as promote and sell their products or services.

More and more younger people are contacting companies solely based on their Instagram advertisement. The popularity with younger audiences is immense, and we encourage businesses to back their promotional content with some investment to help nudge them ahead of the crowd. If your customers fall into the younger generations bracket of thirty and under, then Instagram should be like gold dust to your business.

Today, over two and a half million businesses have joined Instagram to use their advertising features and engage in new custom in an attempt to find larger audiences. If you would like any further information regarding our social media services, please feel free to pick up the phone and give our team a call on 0345 521 0024. We would be delighted to hear from you.

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Twitter has been established as a leading social media site for some time now. Twitter ads has shown to be more interactive with people talking about your product or service. There isn’t a minimum budget on Twitter, you pay for the results you need to obtain.

This is measured by acquiring

  • new followers
  • new hits to your website as a result of your ad
  • more likes
  • retweets
  • comments requiring action

This method used to analyse results means you won’t necessarily have to work on static prices, instead you are customising your business model depending on the needs of your business.

Your target audience, this is what separates a potential customer interested in your business, to any random person off the street viewing your products or services. Like with any business, their audiences to target are dynamic, meaning you can gain the correct product placement by targeting the right audience / consumer. The targeting systems in operation on Twitter allow businesses to target their potential custom accurately and efficiently. Twitter boasts the opportunities for businesses to locate their target audience to a point, they do this by filtering results based on either, gender, age or base the specifications down to behavioural targeting, whereby your able to gauge a person’s behaviour in their online spend and shopping patterns.

If you’re interested in this service or need help setting up a social media account for Twitter advertising, we would love to hear from you.

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This is a solid platform if you need to generate awareness and obtain high end leads to your business. Targeting ads on LinkedIn allows business the opportunity to have their content displayed on one of the most viewed news feeds on the internet. A renowned site for taking business relationships seriously, as it vows to expand your presence into a solid reputable network of professionals.

LinkedIn is considered the Business social networking site, where business is at its core. This social media platform is well suited to businesses wanting to target an audience in a professional context. This platform is particularly useful when wanting to engage with decision makers, being directors, owners and partners of businesses.

You can target

  • Job titles
  • Sectors
  • Industry
  • Functions
  • Groups

Sponsored ads are visible to targeted audiences on all devices making LinkedIn a highly versatile platform.

Elms Creative helps establish LinkedIn advertising for businesses with speed and efficiency, allowing new business for our clients in the form of leads generated.

If you would like to know more about our LinkedIn Services or would like any assistance setting one up, we would be delighted to hear from you. Call 0345 521 0024 Today.

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