The more frequent people engage with the online world these days, the more their habits and hobbies will be exercised. It’s no wonder shopping online has become such an attractive market for businesses to utilise. Shopping ads are gaining more dominance online.

Today surveys have shown, over half the percentage of people aged under thirty resort to using a social media as a platform to conduct their purchasing habits. Amongst these shoppers, a large amount will be discovering new products through their social media platform In fact nearly half of all businesses are now using a social media platform to help boost their sales and conversions.

“social media has revolutionised the way we advertise”

Like never before have we seen the virtual world been so enticing to its audience. Shopping ads make it easy for consumers to come across, browse and purchase products and services from their device. Adverts like these are incorporated so that when somebody clicks on the advert, they will be directed to your website. They include cover images or video followed by multiple product images, making the overall appearance appealing and loud.

The time people are spending on their social media accounts shows us that their influences will be directed by their followed brands or individuals. Instagram shopping in particular has shown tremendous growth in its online advertising. The platform boasts an array of nearly one hundred million accounts interacting with shopping ads per month wanting to find out more. Most Instagram users admit they are influenced from their role models, followers and ads. Advertising on Instagram will help push your brand and gain maximum exposure to unlimited new followers and customers. As Instagram shopping develops, it is safe to assume that the trends show no sign of slowing down and this platform is likely to become a more interactive shopping experience in the years to come.

Social Shopping [1/2]
Social Shopping [2/2]

One of the main bonuses to selling products on a social media platform is the enormous amounts of consumer data available. Campaigns can be launched to target people based on their viewing history and previous buying trends, this makes sure people will only see what they actually paid an initial interest in.

There are a multiple of ways to encourage people to buy a product or service and can be easily achieved in this domain. The use of Hashtags, stories, content from sponsored endorsers, along with impressive videos and photos make the process of engaging with your target market an easy thing to implement.

“Connecting with your audience has never been so interactive.”

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