“social media has changed the way products and services are advertised”

We take social media very seriously at Elms Creative and encourage business owners to look into this area with their eyes wide open. Social media is a powerful tool, once utilised acts as a key part of your marketing strategy.

Businesses looking to expand their presence online and stay ahead of their competition should look at social media as the gateway to doing so. Social media remarketing is how we target users who have visited your website while engaging online on their social media platform. One of the fastest ways to communicate and interact with lots of people. These people are likely to respond to your advertisements since certain attributes will be matched. The main attributes being

  • similar interests
  • behaviours similar to previous customers.

When talking social media remarketing, we are discussing implementing across platforms Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Elms Creative provides remarketing as part of our social media package.

If you have any questions about this service, then please feel free to get in touch with our team today.

A growing trend that is likely to increase, is the fact that people spend on average, over two hours per day on social media. Putting this into context throughout the average working day, this is a lot of time that users engage with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. This is just one of the many reasons why more and more businesses realise the potential that these platforms hold.

Social Remarketing [1/3]

Adverts that are displayed, are shown to the user once they’ve left the website enticing them with offers. This plays a role in enticing them to return to your website and complete the sales process.

Elms Creative are experienced with analysing key pieces of marketing information that can aid future decision-making processes. Our team can monitor any website traffic data, and supply information to potential customers on what they were initially interested in when they first came to your site.

This method acts as a friendly way of approaching your audience, and highlighting key features of the products or services they were interested in. Data shows us that people’s behaviour online can be targeted to re-introduce custom to your business.

Social Remarketing [2/3]

Facebook and Instagram

  • Contact list. Uses data from your CRM system or customer contact list. This is used to connect with customers on Facebook and Instagram.
  • App users. Uses the Facebook pixel to target people who use your app. To then entice them back to a game and see items available they maybe interested in.
  • Website visitors. Inserts the Facebook pixel to create a custom audience based on the people who have visited your website. This data can be used to show people adverts for past searches they demonstrated an interest in on your website.

Dynamic Ads. Uploading your product catalogue to Facebook or Instagram will set up your campaign. This works by matching the search criteria to the people wanting your product or service in the first place and acts as a gentle reminder that they didn’t purchase the item.

Twitter remarketing

Tailored audiences

  • Lists. This can be used to locate relevant influences based on current customers or Twitter usernames.
  • Web. Target people that have visited your website using Twitter’s website tag.
  • Mobile apps. Reach groups that have navigated and acted inside your mobile app, actions like Install, set notifications, or sign ups, using conversion tracking.

LinkedIn remarketing

  • Website re-targeting. This tailors the ads content to the visitor you wish to reactivate. By assisting to convert more prospects by navigating them through the buyer journey.

Snapchat remarketing

  • Snap engagement audiences. This can be used to target users that have previously interacted with any ads on the app.

YouTube remarketing

  • Video remarketing. Fully interactive and easy to update. This Reaches viewers based on their past interactions with your videos, on your YouTube channel, or purchased True View Ads.

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Elms Creative have produced tremendous results with their Social Media Marketing for businesses. Were passionate about our creations and relish in working with clients who share our passion for perfection. We build Social Media Marketing that fits the needs of any business, from bespoke app designs, to promotions, customer service facilities, vehicle location tracking, in-app support, software and much more.

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