Elms Creative produce the highest quality in aerial photos & video. Our team of vetted and experienced professional drone photographers have worked on many projects which all vary in size, length and demand. There are no two jobs the same, making our work very versatile. We pool together our resources and experience to deliver the very best results.

As an established digital design agency, we are used to taking the necessary measures to ensure your business objectives are understood before launching any project. Our projects are all bespoke and tailored towards the needs of your business, there is no job to large or small we cater for an array of our client’s objectives.

How Elms Creative drone photography can benefit your company.

Commercial Estate & Development

Showcase your property and highlight its location showing the true beauty of its surrounding areas. We incorporate unique features that can help you achieve this with our aerial drone photography.

Construction & Engineering

Monitoring progress on site has never been so easy, enable and showcase your project with stunning aerial imagery. Drone photos and videos are ideal for capturing the overall picture of your construction site. Document the labour and hard work involved showcasing the machinery and expertise necessary to complete your project.


Follow your progress from the sky, plan with clarity and vision for construction progress to on site planning, this can all be achieved with drone photography. Highlight your renewable energy efforts by capturing your solar panels from high above. A site map highlighting your efforts goes along way in creating a long lasting first impression.

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“Acquire the highest quality drone footage and data for just about any business.”
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“Capture your target market with stunning aerial photographs and videos of your property listings.”

The Housing Market

Showcasing the features of your property by capturing the surrounding landscape, can really help gain perspective of the building. Our edited photos are captured from a variety of heights and angles highlighting everything your property has to offer.

Drone Photography

Our photographers fly the very best in drone technology capturing images of your subject from all angles. Areas never before seen from this perspective allow beautifully displayed magazine-quality still photos of places, properties, or events.

Aerial Videos

Get the very best videos in 4K UHD to promote your properties, products, or services. Show your customers a unique 3D marketing video, that will enable an engaging experience to remember.

Drone Photography

Our team of professional photographers and certified drone pilots provide the most stunning high-resolution images suitable for print and digital media. We look forward to hearing your ideas and objectives, as we work closely with all our clients ensuring we stay on track to completion.

Marketing your business with compelling and unique content allows you to improve on your current ability to attract and retain your customers attention in all sectors.


Our drones produce the very latest in 2D mapping and 3D digital models that allow you to input any imaging gaps left by satellite mapping which displays all current data. We create this by using a high number of overlapping photographs which covers a defined area. Once this imagery is captured, we then use our software and expertise to morph these photos into professionally edited orthomosaics.


Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI). These images are created with drone cameras that can see in infra-red. Images like these can provide relevant information on night time activity previously unseen to the human eye. These images can also tell you radiation and environmental matters apparent, which is not visible to the naked eye.

3D Models

Tools like these are perfect for obtaining measurements on construction sites or calculating areas of land. We issue a 3D model of your land, where you will be able to interact with this model which is really helpful for making calculations, measuring the distance, area, and volume.

For more information regarding our drone services please contact us today by completing our brief online contact form, or simply give us a call we would love to hear from you.

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