Video production has developed into a vital component in today’s marketing world, with technology evolving there are a variety of ways to make video available for your business. Predictions for the level of video content available on the web, indicate that it is likely to account for most internet traffic by the end of 2019. We have seen tremendous growth patterns in this industry that shows no signs of slowing down. We are increasingly creating more and more video content for clients in industries large and small. Our video production services can help promote your brand, product, or website with promotional content and visually stunning video creation.

Concepts & Storyboarding

Understanding your objective lets us know where we need to start, your video content needs direction and planning from start to finish.

  • Who are we targeting towards?
  • What message is being relayed?
  • How long do we anticipate your audience’s attention?
  • What tone and style are you looking to produce?

Elms Creative’s video production team work alongside our clients to outline their brief, detailing any recommendations moving forward. We deliver creative ideas and storyboards illustrating up to date progress of your project.

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Video Production [2/2]
“Our video production services can help promote your brand, product, or website”


Were no strangers to script writing, we implement scripts to meet the specifications of our client’s projects. We’re experienced in expressing our client’s message, our scriptwriters develop keywords and implement them to suite any voice over work in your video production.

Filming On-location

Location can often be overlooked, and misinterpreted. Failing to match your location with the theme of your video can affect its overall performance. Filming on location requires several skills and expertise. We ensure we work in alignment with the script, time and budget allowing us to gain clarity and remain creative.

Animation & Motion Graphics

From simple animations to complex CGI, Elms Creative can deliver the ideal solution you’ve been looking for. We support all our clients with art direction, soundtrack selection, animator briefings, final edits and more.

Post-production & Editing

Here we leave nothing to chance. We are extremely thorough with our post production and editing service allowing nothing to go unnoticed. We recommend in addition to your video, to include our trailer cut down service, this allows us to promote and share highlights of your video to your social media profiles.

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