Elms Creative offers a wide range of professional video effects from a single VFX shot or the complete post-production of your video content. If you need something composited, removed or blurred we can provide the service you are looking for. Video effects can be a multitude of areas from colour changes, to removing unsightly objects from your video.

When people think of video effects, they may refer to green screen or CGI. The beauty of video effects is you won’t notice them as they are hidden so well.

Video effects can be used to enhance a video or create stunning visuals. They’re used in an array of work seen on devices everywhere. In some cases, the material you need to make a video effect can be found in the shot itself. In some cases, 3rd party elements can be used from stock footage or even still images.

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Our Process

After our initial briefing and outline of the editing needed to be carried out, we create a rough draft of your video file and share a watermarked version of this with our clients for feedback. After the review and amendments stage and our clients are satisfied with the results your video is now ready for launch.

Some examples of the effects we incorporate

  • Green screen effects
  • Digital compositing
  • Motion tracking
  • Element removal
  • Rotoscoping
  • Action effects
  • Mosaic or blurring
  • Image stabilisation


Motion graphics can be used for introductions, outros, and act as transitions within your video. This means that motion graphics can help issue additional information without taking anything away from the tone of your video. When creating video content, we assure our clients that the overall appearance is key to creating professionalism. Motion graphics and animation implemented correctly into your videos will contribute towards acquiring the viewers attention.

If you need motion graphics or animation in your video, Elms Creative can help. There’s no project to large or small from simple title effects, to graphics and logo animation, ask our friendly team who would be happy to assist you.

Some of the areas we cover

  • Logo animations
  • Lower third graphics
  • Motion graphic transitions
  • Animated titles
  • Motion graphic titles
  • Intro & outro videos
  • Animated GIFS
  • Animated overlay effects
  • Hand drawn animation

For more information on video effects and motion graphics please contact us today by completing our brief online contact form, or simply give us a call we would love to hear from you.

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