Elms Creative boasts some skilled video editors who work with any existing content to create new material. Regardless of who created any original content, we can implement new material that can undoubtedly benefit your business.

Update your existing videos

Should your existing video content need any re-editing, such as removing content or adding new images, we can recommend the ideal solution. We create high level, professional content that can merge with any original footage by adding new film or graphics effortlessly.

Many businesses may have invested in a previous project which required video production, however as your business has evolved with the times this may result in information or data requiring an update. This doesn’t always result in starting the whole project again from the very beginning. Our team can access any original footage and re -edit your old video and remove any information that is outdated or is no longer valid.

We are also very apt at including any new product features or changes to your company information or contact details.

We can create the solution, whether its new voice-over audio, or any text/image overlays, we can help you bring your old content back up to scratch.

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Editing video footage

If you need a video that needs to be updated or you have footage that needs to be re designed into effective video content then look no further.

We always review your original footage and recommend any updates or improvements. We’re very transparent with our clients and our open and honest in our feedback. If we feel you could benefit from an improvement in video quality we would be the first to let you know.

“Our team are highly trained professionals who can deliver results for your business to be proud of”

Subtitles and Graphics

A lot of online video content today is viewed via scrolling through websites via mobile or tablet devices, many videos are even viewed in mute, making subtitles an increasingly more important option for video content. Relying on audio content leaves your success to chance, as your viewers may never grasp your businesses message which your trying to convey.

Subtitles make your video accessible to all its viewers, including non-native English speakers, the hearing impaired as well as those viewing your videos in mute.

Why use Elms Creative?

  • We offer a high-quality tailored service at a competitive price.
  • Our experience ensures your video content will resonate with your target market.
  • Our editing software allows us to reignite your videos to make them up to date, relevant and fresh.
  • We use the latest leading video technology.

Ask one of our team to see how we can help you with your video requests, get your message across with our team of video and graphic designers today.

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