Many websites acquire thousands of visits to their sites, resulting in a great amount of hits. However, it is common for a lot of business owners to realise that this reason alone won’t convert potential customers to the final stage of the process. This is ultimately measured in sales and enquiries to your business. In most cases, it is due to a poor understanding of search engine optimisation (SEO) resulting in minimum or no conversion results of visitors to actual customers. There is little point having people in their thousands come to your website, if they don’t buy anything.

If your website becomes optimised, the results can be surprising, and you’ll notice the positive changes to your business. More traffic directed to your site wont simply bounce off to another, the user will become more interactive. By increasing the flow of traffic, and maximising the visiting time users spend looking at what you have to offer will result in your website obtaining higher rankings on the main search engines.

Conversion Optimisation [1/2]
Conversion Optimisation [2/2]

landing page

A Landing page is paramount in an SEO campaign, and the first point of reference to you and your business. It is vital to ensure you’re landing page is vibrant and informative enough that it captures the user’s attention for increasing periods of time, giving the want to come back. When you first see an advert, the chances are the first thing you’ll be drawn to is the image, Images are not just there to make a page look attractive and appealing. An image is a very empowering element to any marketing campaign when initialised correctly.

Obviously, the main text on your page is on par with importance of the images you use. This will either make or break your potential customers to following through to your website and convert into sales, or enquiries, or simply bounce off the face of your website. Think of the image you wish to portray? What market are you reaching out to? Text that has been misrepresented, or poorly conveyed can leave a visitor feeling let down, and even frustrated.

If your website is built well enough, with SEO intention in place right from the start then your website will be able to draw users to specific pages with the use of links. Structuring your website to cater for all possible angles of potential customer conversion is vital, and a necessity if you want to take you and your business seriously. By having a user-friendly experience, and optimising these funnels are proven methods of attracting people to your website and converting them into paying customers. Building user-friendly pages and funnels are key ways to convert users into paying customers.

Being established in the industry for well over a decade, Elms Creative have built a team with a wealth of knowledge experienced in developing websites in a variety of sectors. We have learnt what motivates consumer conversion, whether its hits on your website, to conversions in sales, we are very transparent in relaying our thoughts on moving forward with your existing website or new one.

We consider the structure and levels of optimisation for your website, as well as the design and implementation, does this meet with your target audience?

Many clients come to us with existing websites, wanting minor upgrades (tools) such as a menu / a call now feature, or a new design entirely. Our marketing team assess the position of your business and the environment surrounding it, suggesting possible steps to take forward.

“We provide conversion optimisation as we believe it is the very backbone to your marketing campaign.”
Conversion Optimisation [1/2]

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