As you may or may not be aware SEO comes in two types:


(unpaid) these that occur naturally without contributing to a third party, random Google searches, keywords or word of mouth contribute as good examples of organic SEO

Paid SEO

Paid Search engine optimisation efforts that occur through campaigns from start to launch or monthly subscriptions to our agency’s services. An example of a paid method can be an online ad such as Google advertising. Updating your blog regularly will certainly keep your web site fresh and updated, as well as educate, inform and relate to your visitors and potential customers. It is important that your web site features some of the natural organic SEO elements as this will give your website the best chance to reach potential customers.

Landing Page

We always tell our clients the importance of a landing page. The landing page can display your brand to its highest abilities in one simple message. Unique content offering your products or services with additional features, to localise your page making it viewable to people on location services. This gives you the best possible opportunity of reaching high on the search engines for localised search terms and terms meant for local intent.

Custom SEO Packages [1/1]
Custom SEO Packages [1/1]

Google and Verified Listings

Google allows any business to register a business page that is currently hosted on their domain. It is also free to join and has variety of benefits in doing so. When a local business page has been set up its very important that the location of your business is verified, this will aid Google in its attempts to prove you are a genuine local business whose address matches who you claim to be. Google sends a postcard to this address, enabling you to enter the associated code into your Google local listing account. Providing Google with as much information as possible helps establish every aspect of your business.

So be sure to complete your listing as accurately as possible, including company descriptions, images website links, logo’s, social links and links to other platforms showing your content.

“Expanding your online presence is of paramount importance in today’s world.”

Listings for Business

Expanding your presence is of paramount importance in today’s world. Although search engines like Google dominate the majority of searches these days, it is still good practice to put your business details out there on several popular business listings. The following sites prove beneficial in their listings, and rankings from just placing the information is good for SEO.

  • Freeindex
  • Yell
  • Thompson Local
  • Yelp
  • My Local search
  • Trip advisor

It is important to note that we only use well-known reputable listings used to display your information, as an abundance of low-quality listings can be detrimental to your web presence.

Our SEO (search engine optimisation) rates are individually tailored and will be calculated based on the needs of you, the client. Please get in touch with one of the team today if you interested in any of our SEO services.

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