Targeting the words your customers are searching for

Type a search into Google and notice the results, what do they tell you? Some feature high up the list organically and some feature with paid adverts. But how did they get there? How Google rank these results depends on several variables, one of them being the key words used. In simple terms, If content happens to rank well for a certain keyword, it is there for more likely to appear higher up in Google rankings. This sounds simple, right? If this were the case, then we wouldn’t be in business!

Finding a key word for your industry isn’t as straight forward as it may seem, for example, you may end up choosing a keyword that just isn’t popular and people aren’t searching for. Alternatively, you may pick one that is way to competitive and doesn’t match your budget to use. There are many variables that come into play when selecting the right keywords, and at Elms Creative, we've mastered the process to a point. We have specialist researchers who will assign the correct keywords for your business based on several requirements such as services provided, or location sensitive to where you wish to target your keyword popularity. We work closely with our clients to assure they are aware of the changes occurring in their environment, transparency is the key to our success.

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“Those who fail to prepare, prepare to fail”
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keyword research?

A “keyword” is the term used for what a user will type into a search engine when they are hoping to find a business or a service, or even information or a pre-determined site. It is important to note that this also relates to phrases as well as individual words. Knowing what your potential customers are searching for the most is a crucial tool for any business to obtain. Today Google provide some useful methods to help establish this information. Combining these methods with some more advanced tools of our own, here at Elms Creative we can establish the very best keywords for your business to target with our SEO strategies to maximise traffic to your site, and boost sales.

The importance of keyword research

Elms Creative cannot emphasise enough how important Keyword Research is to you and your business. Most businesses start with that brain wave, that injection of ideas of what you feel the user will type into Google's search engine, to locate that product or service your providing. Often to our client’s amazement, this differs somewhat from what Google illustrates people are searching for. An important stage none the less can be at the very start of your project, instead of assuming what “key words” will work, it is vital to test against Google's keyword search results. This minimises the risk of using the incorrect key word that can be solely based on a whim, that when looking at Google's search patterns no one ever types, resulting in no traffic to your site, and no sales for your product or service.

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