A marketing campaign structured correctly so that it meets its target audience, is the main goal when implementing a strategy. This involves primarily a keyword research, promotions, use of back linking and content creation.

Your target markets

Elms Creative are experienced in a variety of sectors, which has helped us obtain industry knowledge and key relationships that has enhanced our level of expertise. It is important to note that a business is nothing without its customers. You can have a product or service that’s great in many ways but fails to establish its target audience. We help establish the people who would want to come to your website and furthermore convert and then obtain repeat custom.

We consider several important factors when analysing your businesses market. When referring to the demographics, this allow us to obtain a clearer picture of what the competition does, and just as importantly what motivates customers to obtain your products or services. We have implemented a successful strategy that allows us to utilise our lead generation tools, this gives us tremendous insights on the background of your potential customers and is a useful insight into the target market.

What are you Targeting? How are you defining this? keyword research is the corner stone to start any successful marketing campaign. large Websites, such as blogging sites, or E commerce sites will naturally obtain many keywords that will implemented in the content, however there are also strategies to furthermore redefine your keywords.

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Below is a sample of a simple variable once expanded, directs the search into the product specifics

  • Caps – Simplified product (generic)
  • Black cap (Physical trait)
  • Reebok cap (brand name)
  • Tennis Reebok cap (Specific area)

Here you need to know what type of search to target, once you define your target market the SEO will be focused on those areas on your website that will benefit the most from the search terms provided. Installing this from the beginning will increase your chances of success and deliver results quickly.

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Affordable SEO

For a lot of businesses, a good quality SEO specialist hasn’t been achievable and simply beyond their reach as they are bogged down in the strains and constraints that modern business demands of them. One of the main reasons for this is that a good SEO campaign is hard work. There are many tips and tricks that are constantly evolving, an industry expert must be assigned to cover the mass in content needed to boost up your keyword rankings.

“A well-structured campaign pools together our expertise and resources to maximise our client’s business potential.”

Fast and Efficient

At Elms Creative, we have established a successful team of designers, SEO and AdWords experts, content writers, and bloggers who collaborate their efforts on your website. By working collectively, we have been able to manage our work load more effectively, allowing more freedom to pro-actively enhance your current successes and build on them with one of our SEO campaigns.

What is your Goal?

Elms Creative are renowned for establishing goals for businesses and sticking to them throughout your SEO project. Our wide range of resources allow us to match your budgets and Return on investment objectives. Using your existing Key words as an indicator of the progress we seek to aim for allows us to set realistic ranking targets. Writing good content, adjusting and implementing key words, building back links and blogging to help boost your organic SEO is time consuming and hard work.

Elms Creative help assist businesses on lower budgets, we improve the websites rankings organically and compete in the paid market for the less sought-after keywords. Our results have delighted our customers, please see some testimonials here.

Industry Experience

Our wealth of experience in our 10 years in operation has allowed us to build a reputable and successful SEO team. We are proud to employ industry experts in the field of Search Engine Optimisation who’s work on our campaigns over the years has excelled our client’s expectations. We can proudly state our SEO services have improved with the rate of technology over the years we’ve been in operation.

Free SEO site analysis

Taking on an SEO campaign can seem daunting to a lot of businesses, before we take on any new clients Elms Creative ensure that our potential clients understand their current position in their market. This involves your current ranking in the main search engines, and how your viewed by potential customers currently.

We produce this information, so it is clear to understand a client’s existing position in the market, and then highlighting the potential benefits that one of our SEO campaigns can bring. We also illustrate time-scales, what is achievable within short periods of time, and what elements take longer. For example, a website with little content such as a newly designed site will struggle to gain SEO organically due to the inevitable lack of content. We ensure to keep our clients updated regularly with monthly reports and data on their site’s performance.

Elms Creative are keen to make businesses aware of their position – for free, with our initial scanning we will have the ability to honestly assess your site and overall web presence. We produce this vital data in our monthly reports, illustrating key objectives and their deadlines along the way.

This simple report allows you to take a good hard look at your current standings in the world wide web.

“Our wealth of experience has allowed us to build a reputable and successful SEO team.”
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Our Consultations

At Elms Creative, we do our up-most in providing you from the start a clear vision of your website’s potential. We will be honest in our feedback and illustrate how we are best to help with the services we offer. Our experience over the years has allowed us to develop the very best visually appealing websites that perform to their maximum capacity and cater for our SEO services right from the start. Our team oozes with enthusiasm at the challenge of grasping the feel and passion from our clients, what starts with an idea large or small has shown to truly blossom into successful long-lasting businesses. We start with an informal meeting where ideas and objectives are exercised, we always execute a free site analysis that will illustrate to our SEO team areas to focus on or highlight any other services that could benefit your site.

Maybe you’re looking for well experienced unique web and graphic designers that can convey the message you have envisaged, whether you’re a new company, large or small our web design team will ensure you will have the shiny glossed website that captures your vision. We have a wide range of services to help launch your website to where it needs to be and will explain in detail every stage of the process to get your site there. We also encourage companies to speak with us who maybe need a one-off service or help and assistance with their existing website, why not ask us by popping to our offices or phoning us directly.


What is a backlink?

In simple terms a backlink is a composition of all the websites that are currently linked to your own. Our initial scans provide enough information on the history of your website, and the backlinks it has connected to it. This alone will affect your current Google rankings when people type in the search results. Google's algorithm will scan the number of high-quality backlinks your website has and based on that information will rank this accordingly.

Elms Creative are extremely thorough when investigating the history of your website, scanning your site for the quantity and quality of backlinks is vital in the process in enabling which direction to pursue for future SEO. A website may have several backlinks but fail to contribute towards their website ranking due to the little relevance they share with each other. Our team of experts are well equipped to ensure that your website has maximum exposure by building high quality well located and genuine back links. Throughout the process our team establish complete transparency in all our findings and recommendations which we believe will help take you and your website to the next level.

If your interested in any of our services why not give us a call, we would love to hear from you.

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