With Google's ever changing algorithms, as well as industry evolving constantly, Local SEO bares no exception. There are many ways that ranking on Google and other search engines can be achieved, however in a world of rules and laws, then these need to obey in order to achieve the best results for your website optimisation. Your presence is paramount, and the key to being seen is adapting your strategy to the demands of the market.

Be Realistic, your goals here should define your campaign. Are you in a position to go for Page number 1? Or are you at a capacity to aim to take on the workload that a number 1 listing on page 1 on Google represents? Several factors come into play when targeting your ‘local search terms’ and will always vary with the variables at place, such as location, size, SEO in place, but generally the most important factor is based on the actual industry you are in.


One of the very first stages we incorporate at Elms Creative is to ensure we look at the terms that are ideally suited to your business. The terms explained below allow us to assess if they display any local organic results at all with local intention.

  • Local SEO - which are the keywords targeted within
  • Localised search terms – based on the area you are in
Local SEO [1/2]

Terms that include the local term or destination, such as SEO Bournemouth will more often than not show up on regular organic results, as well as the search engines business listings. For example, Google My Business ‘plumbing Bournemouth’.

These would be terms apparent in both searches as the search engines business listings will also display your information based on location mapping and or any sponsored ads.

Local SEO [2/2]

Terms used with Local Intent

Depending on the Search engine your using, the results will vary however fundamentally the search engine will run effectively and more precisely based on location descriptions in the search bar. This decision on what is deemed as Local Intent is ultimately down to the Search Engine, however as with Google, a search can just be for a service. Which means if Google think that a service is strong enough in ‘local intent’ then they display the local results based on your location settings, which is evolving as you travel due to the information being based on your current IP address.

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