Elms Creative has built a portfolio of SEO clients to be proud of, over the years our team has honed this into a fine craft. Our team use an array of leading industry technology carried out by trained professionals, who can relay their expertise to match your bespoke needs.

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Researching Keywords

This is one of our main tools for our Google AdWords campaigns, also our PPC however this is still a vital component for SEO as the Keyword planner allow us to establish a formidable list of target keywords for our clients. Here you can see the number of searches for terms by town/county, a specific tool enabling precise accurate information.

Search and site Analysis

Here Google shows you how a website appears in search, ensuring any errors are notified, specifics such as the country, location, time, and review any keywords Google is currently ranking your site for. A very transparent tool that keep you up to date monitoring the goings on with your website.

User Analysis

The abundance of data here is overwhelming, the analysis of your website and how and where users are engaging with your content. Here we can monitor visitors to your site and track their route from the initial point of contact, this results in implementing better strategies to acquire new customers.

Link Analysis

This tool helps us identify several link variables, for websites of our clients and their competition. Giving more opportunities to help expand and monitor the behaviour in your industry.

Rank Tracking

Our team of experts will initially scan for the ranking positions of all target keywords and any site SEO issues. We can also detect broken links, inbound links, correct incorporation of meta tags and much more. We issue monthly reports automated to our clients.

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