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What is Google My Business?

A crucial step to any modern-day SEO strategy is to claim and add verification to your business, with Google My Business (GMB) listing. Using this platform stands you in good stead to place higher in the rankings in your local area.

Why should you set up Google My Business?

Google continues to expand their features to Google My Business, this is a great opportunity for businesses of all sizes to attract viewers and gain the attention of potential customers. This will ultimately help your ranking, making you more visible in the local search results when they are conducted. Most Businesses would relish in the idea of being able to post some adverts, like some social media posts that show up in your Google search on your Google My Business listing. Mini adverts regularly being shown through Google's search engine are an opportunity to display any developments or changes to any projects currently being undertaken.

Like social media posts, Google My Business has a time-scale feature, they will be viewable for a week, then go to your storage where they will still be viewable in your Google My Business listing. Also featured are reminders of a schedule that prompts you to be consistent with your posts and adverts.

Simply put, a decent Google My Business listing is essential for local SEO!

What else can you do with your Google My Business listing?

Make Bookings

People will now be able to book your services straight from the Google My Business listing. This makes the customers experience much easier as they remain in Google to book an appointment or meeting with you. This will inevitably make your business have an edge over your competition, this integrated software shows potential clients / customers your innovation with modern day integration of media platforms. If your Business relies on bookings and scheduling in appointments, this feature can’t be ignored and is highly likely to get you some new custom.

Messaging Service

Potential customers send you text messages!

An ideal opportunity to fully engage with new clients and crossing the boundaries of unfamiliarity and connect with people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer them.

Questions & Answers

A great feature that allows people to get to know more about what you have to offer them. This can also help rest assure any queries they may have that will have been answered before even speaking to you. This allows you to advertise your strengths and relieve any concerns new clients may have stumbled across before deciding to go ahead with your services.

Google My Business Online Reviews

Googles policy is to encourage their business owners to ask their customers for reviews. Online reviews will appear next to your listing in Google Maps. Online reviews help spread your message of loyalty and trust and encourage people to use your services (click through rate) from word of mouth that highlights reputable reviews on your products or services. When customers leave reviews for you, either positive or negative it is important to acknowledge them and respond to them. This highlights your value in customer care and emphasizes the fact that you have addressed the dismantled customer and attempted a resolve.

Photos and Videos

Gone are the days of boring text and standard written information. Today is all but grasping people’s attention, visually! Photos and videos are the key to grasping an audience online. Today people scroll their phones and see your video playing without the sound even on, however the visual vibrancy will display all that is needed to get across. Videos are in their infancy, and currently you can add up to 30-second-long clips of your company which is ideal to get people’s attention, particularly as it’s on the best-known search engine on the planet!

Business Information

An important new feature now available to Business owners is the full Business description option, which is used to describe your services or products, Here it is vital to become market savvy and select your keywords and key features carefully, so your Business has maximum opportunity to show up in the key ranks search on Google.

Services and Menus

If your industry offers a service like a web design agency, a nail salon or a hairdressers you’ll need either a menu or a list categorising your products or services. Google My Business allows you to categorise and display all your services or products as well as their prices, which is all the relevant information the potential customer will need.

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