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Taking on an SEO campaign can seem daunting to a lot of businesses, before we take on any new clients Elms Creative ensure that our potential clients understand their current position in their market. This involves your current ranking in the main search engines, and how your viewed by potential customers currently.

We produce this information, so it is clear to understand a clients existing position in the market, and then highlighting the potential benefits that one of our SEO campaigns can bring. We also illustrate time-scales, what is achievable within short periods of time, and what elements take longer. For example, a website with little content such as a newly designed site will struggle to gain SEO organically due to the inevitable lack of content. We ensure to keep our clients updated regularly with monthly reports and data on their site’s performance.

Elms Creative are keen to make businesses aware of their position – for free, with our initial scanning we will have the ability to honestly assess your site and overall web presence. We produce this vital data in our monthly reports, illustrating key objectives and their deadlines along the way.

This simple report allows you to take a good hard look at your current standings in the world wide web.

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