Google's array of Tools and applications for users all around the world is jaw dropping. The ability to use and implement software on apps on your phone to blogs, video creation software, etc. can seem overwhelming from the availability in the market. Elms Creative’s experience allows us to properly analyse your business and its market position where we can help optimise your website resulting in better search results and higher rankings on Google and other search engines.

Google My Business

Our recent Blog post highlights the importance of A Google My Business page.

A crucial step to any modern-day SEO strategy is to claim and add verification to your business, with Google's My Business (GMB) listing. Using this platform stands you in good stead to place higher in the rankings in your local area, Google maps installed on most mobile devices, and organic rankings.

Local Businesses who meet the accreditation can simply display important information about their company, details such as their phone number and contact information, opening hours, your Business address, your website etc.

Recently Google continues to expand their features to Google My Business, this is a great opportunity for businesses of all sizes to grasp the reality that their Google My Business listing will help attract viewers/ potential customers attention, which will ultimately help your ranking in any Local search results conducted.

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It is important to note that common mistakes local Businesses make is just claim their Google My Business listing tick off a job done and move on to other ventures. Over time this stands dormant and people forget they even did this. However as with most things in life the more you endeavour to investigate the more that you will see that there are a variety of tools and features Google gives to your Business. This will allow you to take advantage of your Google My Business listing, on a regular consistent basis to make sure your Business information accuracy stays in top form.

Google Analytics

Here, Google’s several features hold vital benefits for SEO to your website. Your able to analyse how your visitors behave on your site, what pages they enter in at or move to, why did they leave? Visitors leaving without making purchases or filling in information or failing to make a point of contact with you and your company. These questions can be answered when analysing the behaviour of your viewers, pinpointing either weaknesses in content, pages or both.

We establish a solid relationship between the keywords and the impressions you receive which result in hits to your website. This can be merged into your websites content, allowing for a higher success rate of keyword search results.

Google analytics is imperative in establishing where your website traffic is coming from. If you’re a business paying for a service or currently undergoing a marketing campaign, there is no information more vital than this. Information on the results from AdWords, PPC, or whether hits are coming to your site organically.

This shows the areas of optimisation and marketing that are bringing in the results, and further highlight areas not working, that will need tweaking.

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“The more data you give Google, the better your credentials are to potential customers”

Webmaster Search Console

Elms Creative use this service to help our websites gain maximum benefits within Google. By creating an XML site map for your site, Google find all the pages in your site more efficiently so they can be displayed in their search results.

Here we can determine which search terms (keywords) have been entered into Google and returned a result for your site. Data for each keyword can be, the number of clicks to your site, the volume of impressions, or click through / bounce rate. Elms Creative embodies the experience and knowledge to analyse all the results created by webmaster and highlight the possible elements to improve the user experience when visiting your website.

Webmaster has the tools to provide key information on the accessibility their search robots have to your site. Like the sound of being able to monitor how often your site is crawled? We can also assess any errors when crawling your website, either server errors, or coding issues, robots etc. We have the capacity to assess these flaws, and act upon if need be. The functionality and current state of your website is always of paramount importance to us, insuring your website and server are monitored constantly for bugs and errors so that the site performs to its optimal state.

“We provide quality SEO to our clients, from our experienced team of experts.”
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